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Solid, calm, and rational - need in these times!

Vince is calm and thoughtful, such a relief in the sea of hyped, polarized social media. I have learned from him and his guests in this and his previous Bootstrapping It podcast. Thank you Vince!


A much needed podcast!! Excellent tips and tricks for your financial state.

Love it!

These are some great debt reduction tips for married couple as well as individuals. I love the idea of the weekly, bi-weekly or monthly she money and he money.

Great show Vince!

Vince really goes deep when talking about Finances and relationships around money. It's important your Partner & You are on the same page, with the same goals - bc Money is the #1 reasons couples break up. Get all his great advice and more --and tune in every week! Coach Riana Milne


So much insight for my business! Highly recommend.

He’s reading my mail! 😅

It’s spooky- it’s as if he knows what’s going on inside my house when it comes to our household finances. Really like that it also addresses the relationship aspect of finance when it comes to being married. There’s some friction around that and his show acknowledges and addresses those issues. Loo…