May 05, 2021

43. Making Money with Blogging and YouTube with Joseph Hogue

Joseph Hogue is the Chief Awesome Officer at Let’s Talk Money, a YouTube Channel with over 400K subscribers. He’s also the founder of numerous personal finance blogs including one that focuses on work from home opportunities,...


April 28, 2021

42. Stock Valuation with Alex Mason of the Stock Stories Podcast

Alex Mason is the host of the Stock Stories podcast, where he explores the histories, business models, and economic characteristics of publicly traded companies. On this episode of CFO at Home, Alex and Vince discuss factors to consider when accessing...


April 21, 2021

41.Equipping Underserved Entrepreneurs for Success with Carla Youngblood

Carla Youngblood is a Certified Public Accountant, Comedienne, Speaker, Author and Podcaster. On this episode of CFO at Home Carla and Vince discuss tips for beginning entrepreneurs, the specific work that she’s involved in helping Black...


April 14, 2021

40. Grow your Financial Literacy, enjoy community, and have fun with Milan Kovacevic of Finny

Milan Kovacevic is the co-founder and CEO of Finny—a personal finance community and education app that's game-based, personalized to your interests, curriculum-based and free. On this episode of CFO at Home, Milan and Vince discuss how Finny helps to...

Financial Literacy

April 07, 2021

39. Travel without breaking your budget with Kelli Nielsen of Trip Fixers

Kelli Nielsen is a world traveler, toddler mom, cancer nurse, and blogger inspiring people to achieve dream travel on THEIR budget and live their best lives through her business, Trip Fixers. On this episode of CFO at Home, Kelli and Vince discuss...


March 31, 2021

38. 7 Investments In Your 20's That Will Change Your Life with Dan Sarver

Dan Sarver is a college student who has written the book on money that he was looking for after graduating high school, 7 Investments In Your 20’s That Will Change Your Life. On this episode of CFO at Home, Dan and Vince discuss his inspiration for...


March 24, 2021

37.The Six Pillars of Wealth with Patrice Washington

Patrice Washington is an award-winning author, transformational speaker, hope restoring coach, and media personality who Success Magazine named one of 12 Inspiring Black Voices in Personal Development. She’s also the host of the Redefining Wealth...

Money Mindset

March 17, 2021

36. Financial Independence with Diania Merriam of the EconoME Conference

Diania Merriam is the founder and Chief Economist of EconoMe LLC, which was formed to launch the EconoMe Conference, an event centered around financial independence that’s known as the "Ted Talks" of the Financial Independence Retire Early, or FIRE...

Financial Independence

March 10, 2021

35. Build your kid’s financial literacy and simplify gift giving with Mike Fraietta of KidFolio

Mike Fraietta is the Founder and CEO of KidFolio, an app that allows you to contribute to an experience, help a child save for college, or teach financial literacy by gifting an investment. On this episode of CFO at Home, Mike and Vince discuss how...

Kids And Money

March 03, 2021

34. Unexpected CFO at Home with Liz Hand of Pleasant Wealth, LLC

Liz Hand is a Certified Financial Planner with Pleasant Wealth, LLC in Canton, Ohio. She’s worked in personal finance for over a decade, and focuses her practice on helping women step into retirement by managing investments, designing retirement...


February 24, 2021

33. Budgeting Basics with Kenny Ingersoll of Revolution Financial Management

Kenny Ingersoll is a representative with Revolution Financial Management, which seeks to help people better their financial situation through education and awareness. On this episode of CFO at Home, Kenny and Vince discuss budgeting basics; budgeting...


February 17, 2021

32. The GameStop trading frenzy and what it means for the average investor

Certified Financial Planner David Elder, Vince’s personal Retirement Advisor, is back with him on CFO at Home. This time around they discuss the GameStop trading craze and what it means for the average investor, Efficient Markets, when shorting...


February 10, 2021

31. Improving Financial Literacy through FinTech with William Glass CEO and Founder of Ostrich

William Glass is a FinTech entrepreneur whose mission is to improve financial well-being globally. As founder & CEO of Ostrich, William has developed an app to help individuals build financial literacy by creating social community and...

Financial Literacy

February 03, 2021

30. Family Finances and Gender with Jessica Durbin of Durbin Bookkeeping

Jessica Durbin is a Financial Wellness Coach, a third generation tax preparer, bookkeeper, wife of a Navy Corpsman Veteran and the mother of two beautiful girls. In this episode on CFO at Home, Jessica and Vince discuss the role that gender plays in a...


January 27, 2021

29. Retirement Planning Fundamentals with David Elder of Merit Financial Advisors

David Elder is a Certified Financial Planner, Wealth Manager, Branch Manager, and Partner with Merit Financial Advisors. He’s also Vince’s personal Retirement Advisor. Today on CFO at Home, David and Vince discuss retirement planning; factors to...


January 20, 2021

28. The Intersection of Health and Wealth with Stevyn Guinnip of Grow Wellthy

Stevyn Guinnip is a Financial Advisor's daughter who became an exercise physiologist and a certified wellness coach. She’s worked with hundreds of clients to get their health back on track and as the founder & CEO of Grow Wellthy, has helped...


January 13, 2021

27. Know Yourself, Know Your Money with Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, financial expert and host of the Rachel Cruze Show. On this episode of CFO at Home Rachel and Vince discuss her new book Know Yourself Know Your Money, how the lessons we learn about money...

Money Mindset

January 04, 2021

26.Creating “Your Best Year” Financially with Joe McKowen

Joe McKowen is a Financial and Personal Growth Coach who works with clients to create clarity in their plans, accountability in their actions, and growth in their life. In 2020 Joe joined the John Maxwell team and combined his business and coaching...

Education Money Mindset

December 31, 2020

Bonus: So, what have we learned? Year-End reflections and thank you’s!

Seeing that it’s the end of the year and it seems that everybody’s publishing lists I thought I’d share my list of top lessons learned from our guests in 2020 on the #1 topic that we’ve discussed this year; Money Mindset. 6 takeaways from this...

December 30, 2020

25.”Ask an Economist” with Eric Mason

Eric Mason is a published economist who currently works in the public sector as a Chief Financial Officer. On this episode of CFO at Home, Eric and Vince discuss the differences between the stock market and the economy, the impact of companies like...


December 23, 2020

24. On-line business on a budget with Sarah St John

Sarah St John is an entrepreneur, podcaster and author. She’s created several startups over the course of her entrepreneurial career, and through her books, blog, and podcast, shows people how to launch and manage an online business on a budget. On...


December 16, 2020

23. Critical Skills for Every Stage of your Financial Life with Harry Stout, author of The FInancialVerse

Harry Stout is a senior leader in the global financial services business with expertise in personal finance, life insurance, annuities, product innovation, and business management. He’s also the author of The FinancialVerse, A Common Sense Approach...


December 09, 2020

22. Stock Market Stories from the 401K age with Kenny Polcari, CNBC Contributor and Managing Partner of Kace Capital Advisors

Today we’re all taught that investing in stocks through tax advantaged accounts like 401Ks is one of best ways to build wealth and prepare for retirement. But how much of the history of the stock market or of these accounts do we really know? On...


December 02, 2020

21. Money Conversations Every Couple Must Have with Ericka Young of Tailor-Made Budgets

Ericka Young is president and founder of Tailor-Made Budgets, a recognized financial expert, and the author of “Naked and Unashamed: 10 Money Conversations Every Couple Must Have”. On this episode of CFO at Home Ericka and Vince discuss a few of...